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L'offre du mois: Chargé de projet mobilité durable

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CDD - Chargé de projet mobilité durable

Description de l'offre

- Run the Client’s activities in Europe and in other parts of the world liaising with the Client’s global secretariat as well as the European steering committee members

- Organise events (e.g. trade fairs, conferences, meetings, etc.) and arrange for logistics

- Implement Client’s PR efforts through various communication channels (website, Twitter, brochures, newsletters, presentations) 

- Participate in the production of marketing collaterals: brochures, booth graphics, presentations

- Support report and paper writing as well as industry monitoring through data collection, news monitoring/ data analysis and meeting memos/minutes

- Manage member relations with the 120+ members in Europe

- Be responsible for external relations of the association by reply to queries, participate in representing the association at industry events

- Back office tasks: invoicing, travel logistics, filing, contact data base management, etc.

Profil recherché

- At least 3 years of work experience ideally in a similar role

- At ease in a start-up environment where multi-tasking and efficiency is the norm

- Attention to details in implementation; ability to prioritise tasks in consultation with the team 

- Cultural sensitivity and sense of diplomacy to work with stakeholders from around the globe, including high level company representatives (CEOs, CTOs etc.)

- Strong communication skills with proficiency in English (bilingual level) is mandatory. Extra bonus for German and/or Japanese and/or French

- Ability to quickly learn technical matters related to EVs and use the knowledge in the day-to-day job (but no technical background required)

- Comfort in using general Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and social media (Twitter etc.)

- Basic knowledge of WordPress or similar website management tool as well as Adobe Illustrator a plus

- Passion about sustainable development; interest in the auto industry and policy making a plus

If you are the right candidate, please send your CV and cover letter (required).

English only.

Description de l'entreprise

A start-up that runs the entire European operations of an international association in sustainable mobility with HQs in Tokyo. Out client is a leading association in the domain of EV (electric vehicle) charging infrastructure, composed of cross-sectorial stakeholders across Europe and the world (410 member companies globally, 120+ in Europe).


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