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Le Centre d'études japonaises présente : 

- « Ki as a phenomenon of feeling », Yukiko KUWAYAMA (Université de Hildesheim, Allemagne) : the main aim of my dissertation is to point out a possible connection between current debates in the philosophy of feelings (“Philosophie der Gefühle” in German) and the concept of Ki (Qi), a Sino-Japanese term for breath, sense, feeling, atmosphere, mood, smell, intention etc. 

- « The Soku-Structure of the Boundary », Francesca GRECO (Université de Hildesheim, Allemagne) :  the aim of my presentation is to explore the relation between Nishida´s use of the expression soku (即) in his late works and the phenomenological structure of the ‘boundary’ concept. By approaching the problem with a transformative phenomenology I will call into question the role of the opposition, the relatedness and the contradiction inherent to a certain logic of soku in Nishida´s thinking. Afterwards I will try to apply this logic to the phenomenon of the boundary (ὁρισμός, horismós; ὁρίζω, horizo). 

Samedi 9 juin 2018 - 14h30-17h30
Salle 3.15 - Inalco
65 rue des Grands Moulins, 75013 Paris

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65 rue des Grands Moulins 75013 PARIS

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